How to make money with Clickbank – Updated in May 2016

Google Sniper is one of the first affiliate-marketing courses. Developed by George Brown and tested for almost 5 years, will teaching you how to build “sniper sites” that will rank highly in Google eyes.

google sniper profits proof

This marketing course is an exact blueprint of the system that George had used himself to become a successful internet marketer. The course is presented in video and pdf’s that arebeing updated with every new version of Google sniper and after Google updates.

How does Google Sniper work?

In the presentations, you will learn this 3 key rules:

  1. How to research profitable niches
  2. How to find good keyword sets for your niches
  3. How to find a good product that goes along with your niches

GS is a 3 step process that needs to be followed in the exact steps provided:

  1. Pick the right Clickbank products that you want to promote.
  2. Build your Sniper website along with the best keywords that will work.
  3. Watch for traffic and tweak your websites for maximum leverage.

You will use WordPress to build this sites so you wont need any knowledge in SEO or website design.
All you have to do is follow the working system and start making money!

Click here to see the video presentation!